Facebook apologizes for morbid results with its “Year i

On Friday, Facebook apologized to a Web designer over how its auto-generated “Year in Review” posting feature could illuminate the worst parts of a bad year.

Designer, author, and Event Apart expo contributor Eric Meyer took to his personal blog on Christmas Eve to analyze and scrutinize how Facebook’s auto-posted feature went so wrong. The mechanism was designed to digitally scrapbook highly-liked and photo-loaded content in order to put a neat bow on users’ 2014. But for Meyer, the feature put a glaring a spotlight on his own past year: his 2014 was “celebrated” in the above image, which used a photo of his recently deceased daughter and surrounded it with cheerful iconography.

“Yes, my year looked like that,” Meyer wrote. “My year looked like the now-absent face of my little girl.” He added that the item was “forcefully” displayed in his default Facebook feed, as the option to hide the feature wasn’t visually prominent.

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